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Quinoa has been cultivated in South American Andes since at least 3,000 B.C.

A filling and healthy smoothie, perfect for breakfast or post-workout

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This is one of the creamiest, loveliest, smoothie ever.

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Autumn is my favourite season. I love the colours of the leaves and the slight chill in the air although it is still fairly warm during sunny...

Pink and delicious ice lollies
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  • A very healthy dish, packed with antioxidants, vitamins, protein and calcium
  • A wonderfully healthy salad with vibrant colours
  • Colourful and healthy ice lollies

Food for Thought

My favourite power bars
We have been on hundreds of hikes throughout the years and whenever we go someplace, the food I prepare takes a front seat. To start a good day with energy filled, homemade breakfast is wonderful. To end a fabulous day with a home cooked dinner surrounded by beautiful nature is even better. It is the highlight of each day in my op pinion. Ok in Iceland we really have to make sure that the tent...