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Quinoa grains range in color from ivory to pinks, brown to reds, or almost black depending on the variety.

The one meal that warms my body to the core

Today's recipe

Hands down, there is nothing that puts warmth in my body as fast as rice pudding. I absolutely adore it and could eat it every day during the winter.

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Unfortunately we don't experience spring in Iceland. We completely skip this season.

Nothing reminds me more of my travels through East Africa than this salad
  • A refreshing and cleansing juice
  • A creamy and dreamy soup with almost no fat yet full of fibers and flavour
  • Lovely ice cream, suitable for every occasion
  • Nothing reminds me more of my travels through East Africa than this salad
  • Lovely treats, perfect with a glass of cold milk (or soy milk)
  • A very popular and healthy salad, packed with protein and low in fat
  • A simple yet wonderful dessert
  • A light and healthy meal

Food for Thought

Before you start on the healthier lifestyle journey and if you are still not sure where to start, a good starting point is to reduce the fat and processed sugar by a third in your normal (traditional) recipes. In most instances you won't even notice. When you have tried this for a while you can start exploring the wonders of cane sugar, agave nectar, nut butters, coconut oil, baby food (fruit...