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Remnants of figs have been found in excavations of sites traced to at least 5,000 B.C.

A rich and creamy yet healthy mousse

Today's recipe

This is a rich and creamy mousse and very healthy since it contains mono-unsaturated fats from the cashew nuts, antioxidants from the cocoa powder and cocoa nibs and potassium from the bananas (whi

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Ok so what we call 'summer' in Iceland our European neighbours would probably call spring or even autumn, but definitely not summer.

Whenever I am felling lethargic or run down, I make this delicious smoothie
  • A smoothie packed with antioxidants and vitamin C
  • So delicious and so simple
  • A delightful ice cream packed with goodness
  • A fruity and sweet smoothie
  • Sunshine in a glass. This dessert is also lovely as a breakfast treat
  • The simplest combinations are often the best
  • A lovely and simple dressing for every salad
  • My favourite lunch and light dinner

Food for Thought

Many people eat healthily "most of the time" which is fine. The problem for others however is that they grab something in between meals and when the sugar craving starts (the afternoon sugar craving") they grab a chocolate biscuit or a sweet. You know the feeling, you get a little peckish in the afternoon but you can't quite last until dinner and it's too early to eat something substantial so you...