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Remnants of figs have been found in excavations of sites traced to at least 5,000 B.C.

This recipe always surprises me as the flavours work well together

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Basil and tomatoes are not the first ingredients that come to mind when cooking haddock but this combination works really well.

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Ok so what we call 'summer' in Iceland our European neighbours would probably call spring or even autumn, but definitely not summer.

A very magical drink and healthy as well
  • Fresh and delicious
  • A nourishing drink, perfect in the morning
  • A lovely cheap treat which is a favourite with children and adults alike
  • Lovely and blue, just for you
  • A lovely juice, and packed with antioxidants and vitamins
  • My husband's favourite smoothie
  • Low fat vanilla ice cream, perfect for every occasion and amazing in milk shakes
  • A lovely summer drink, sweet yet tangy

Food for Thought

Below I have gathered information on things that are useful to keep in mind when using my recipes. I also compiled a list of utensils and bake ware that is good to have in the kitchen. In general: Always read the introductory text, the full recipe and the notes (tips) below the recipe before starting. Gather your ingredients before your start. Ingredients: I use medium sized produce for...