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Quinoa has been cultivated in South American Andes since at least 3,000 B.C.

One of my favourite breads for toasting

Today's recipe

The texture of this bread is very nice and it is an excellent bread for freezing and toasting. Although the bread includes a fairly long ingredient list, it is quite easy to make.

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Ok so what we call 'summer' in Iceland our European neighbours would probably call spring or even autumn, but definitely not summer.

So delicious and so simple
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  • Whenever I am felling lethargic or run down, I make this delicious smoothie
  • A gorgeous ice cream cake, packed with antioxodants
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  • This ice cream is so delicious it hardly makes it to the freezer!
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Food for Thought

I absolutely love the cooling effect of this drink
Gluten is in so many things. It's a common ingredient in soy sauce, in baking powder, in ready made sauces, malt extract, spices (not good quality spices though), ready made meals and more. In our bread-pasta-wheat-biscuit filled (Western) world it is hard to avoid gluten and for many people it is very difficult unless you plan ahead and read up on ingredients and labels. What surprised my most...