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Remnants of figs have been found in excavations of sites traced to at least 5,000 B.C.

I love, love, love chocolate mixed with bananas....heaven!

Today's recipe

There is something wicked about chocolate and bananas. Think grilled bananas with dark, organic chocolate melting on top...for me...that is heaven.

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I am quite the Christmas girl. When I was younger EVERYTHING had to be exactly according to tradition or otherwise I felt really bad all...

My favourite nut loaf. It is an absolute winner every time
  • A very simple yet delicious jam for every occasion
  • Perfect little gluten free treats for coffee dipping
  • Jam cakes are popular in Icelands, this is a very health version
  • A perfect side dish with every meal and an excellent snack as well!
  • A very filling and healthy cake, almost a meal in itself!
  • A tasty and colourful salad packed with vitamins
  • One of my most favourite cakes in the whole world
  • Baked fruits are lovely as they become even sweeter

Food for Thought

Many people eat healthily "most of the time" which is fine. The problem for others however is that they grab something in between meals and when the sugar craving starts (the afternoon sugar craving") they grab a chocolate biscuit or a sweet. You know the feeling, you get a little peckish in the afternoon but you can't quite last until dinner and it's too early to eat something substantial so you...