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When I was a little girl, the epitome of sophistication (in my view) was opening up a pack of Royale pudding (a well known brand in Iceland) and stirring it with cold water. In a few minutes you had yourself a chocolate mousse. It was fabulous. It didn't like the taste of it but I found the idea absolutely brilliant. Nowadays I would rather eat mud than this ready made pudding. I make my own mousse which is absolutely lovely.

I like making my own stuff, such as power bars which can be so, so unhealthy if you are not careful with what you are buying. There is so much rubbish out there, especially considering the trail food market. You can fool anyone into thinking that a power bar is healthy, if it's just called 'power bar' or 'healthy granola bar' even though it contains more sugar and fat and synthetic stuff than most hard candy from the sweet shop. At least I know exactly what I put into my power bars and its just nuts, dried fruits, cocoa powder and that sort of stuff. It's real food, real power, all the way.

There are other lovely recipes to be found here as well such as cashew cream (perfect if you are allergic to dairy), traditional Icelandic pancakes and waffles, home made peanut butter, a Kenyan fruit salad, patties, compotes, jams and more, chocolate frosting and more. 

This is such a healthy jam and I absolutely love it

Spicy Blueberry Jam

This is more of a thick sauce than a jam as I don't use gelatin or other thickening agents. You can make it thicker by using pectin.

An excellent source of slow releasing energy

Trail Mix

This is the perfect trail mix and much cheaper than buying ready made trail mix from a health food store.

One very healthy mousse!

Vanilla Mousse

When I was a kid I never used to like the mousse you could buy in the shops.

The Swedish version although no Icelandic person would admit it!


I used to think that making waffles was an Icelandic tradition...I grew up watching my mom and grandmother make waffles on so many occasions.

A sauce that is as healthy as it is deep blue

Warm Blueberry and Vanilla Sauce

I absolutely love this sauce. It is so good with everything. I use it on pancakes, waffles, on ice cream, in milk shakes and whatever I think goes well with blueberries.