Pasta / Noodles Casseroles

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I am not awfully fond of pasta or noodles as they make my tummy feel a bit like a balloon. Although I always use spelt pasta (made from spelt not wheat) or noodles made from spelt or buckwheat I still prefer to fill up with vegetables, rather than pasta or noodles. So, when making a pasta dish, I usually go easy on the pasta and include a more generous amount of whatever I am serving alongside it (salad, cooked vegetables, tomato based sauce etc.). I usually try to save money by using dried pasta and if you are tight on budget it is perfectly fine to use in all my recipes but sometimes I indulge and use freshly made pasta and it is usually gorgeous. I recommend doing that once in a while.

Simple and healthy, always a good combination

Oven Baked Vegetables with Pasta

A very simple and cheap dish, perfect for the mid week headache of "what should I have for dinner?".

A fairly substantial meal, perfect for a chilly evening after hiking

Trail Casserole with Couscous

The picture accompanying this recipe is taken in the Scottish Highlands were we once went on a hike. It was marvellous.