Pasta / Noodles with Vegetables

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In Iceland we call my generation (born in the seventies) the 'Pizza generation' because in the eighties the pizza chains started opening up and everyone ate pizza. People were pizza crazy and still are, to this day. There are still many pizza places in Iceland although the best ones are home grown and authentic as an Icelandic/Italian restaurant can be (using clay ovens to bake the pizza crust). We have some of the big chains as well but I don't know anyone that actually buys their pizzas there. Icelanders love Italian food in general and there are loads of Italian restaurants all over the place. Some have been in business for over 20 years (a long time for a restaurant in Iceland). We seem to love Italian food and although the older generation shakes its head and tut tuts, the younger people embraces it (happy to not being forced to eat sheep intestines and pickled ram testicles). Pasta and noodles with vegetables are actually a cheap and filling meal. It is also perfect to cook for your lunchbox as it keeps for a couple of days. Although I am not a big fan of too much pasta or noodles in my tummy I love the mild taste and the texture of it. I always try to make sure that the main portion on my plate is vegetables and the smaller portion is pasta or noodles because that way it won't fill me up too much or make my tummy blow up.

Great noodles with a distinctive taste

Chinese Five Spice Vegetable Noodles

'Five Spice' is a seasoning regularly used in Chinese food. It should be available in most supermarkets (and some health food stores), just ensure it contains only spices, not additives.

A light and lovely soup, perfect when you need a dinner not too substantial

Hot and Sour Mushroom Broth

This recipe is an adaptation of a similar recipe I found in a book called Veggie Chic by the great author Rose Elliot.

Simple and healthy, always a good combination

Oven Baked Vegetables with Pasta

A very simple and cheap dish, perfect for the mid week headache of "what should I have for dinner?".

My husband's favourite noodles in the whole world

Pad Thai Noodles

This is a very healthy version of Pad Thai noodles and I often use both tofu and vegetables only in this recipe and it still tastes grate.

When on a hike, preparing a simple, yet tasty meal is very rewarding

Simple Trail Noodle Soup

I know it is probably much quicker buying ready made trail food but let me tell you...most of what is sold out there is rubbish.

One of the reasons the Japanese live so long!

Soba Noodle Salad with Wakame, Ginger and Vegetables

I made this salad immediately after arrived home from a trip to Japan.

An easy and healthy twist on the classic Italian dish

Spaghetti Bolognese (with Minced Soy Meat)

Although I was not at all fond of meat in my early years (and I am of course a vegetarian today) I loved the tomato sauce which surrounded the meat balls my mother made in her "spaghetti and meat b

I love mushrooms indiscriminately in all shapes and sizes

Spaghetti with Mushrooms

I love all mushrooms indiscriminately. I could happily eat mushrooms for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A lovely Kenyan dish packed with vitamins and goodness

Spaghetti ya Mboga (Spaghetti with Roasted Vegetables)

This recipe really surprised me I must say. I left the tomatoes simmering for a long time and that really made the flavours pop.

A lovely and fragrant soup with lots of flavours

Thai Laksa

I know that the recipe seems very, very complicated.

A fairly substantial meal, perfect for a chilly evening after hiking

Trail Casserole with Couscous

The picture accompanying this recipe is taken in the Scottish Highlands were we once went on a hike. It was marvellous.

Not exactly like the Italian do it but I still love this lasagna

Vegetable Lasagna with Minced Soy Meat

Please do not make this recipe if you have Italian in-laws...Although I absolutely love this lasagna and so does my husband, I am not sure it would be appreciated by those who are used to authentic

A filling yet light meal full of complex carbohydrates and energy.

Wild Mushrooms and Noodles Trail Soup

Me and my husband are keen hikers. We love nothing more than packing our bags on a Friday evening, heading into the Icelandic wilderness.