Seafood Soups

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I love seafood soups and often when I go to a restaurant I order the seafood soup. There is this cafe in Iceland which always serves fresh seafood of the day in their soup and it is marvellous. I am particularly fond of strong tasting, broth like soups as I don't like creamy, heavy soups. There is one exception however because my mother in law makes THE best lobster soup in the universe. It is so delicious that I am tempted to lick the bowl after I have at least three bowls (although licking the bowl would not be good manners so better just have another bowl right?). I must remember to get the recipe but each time I go for a lobster soup dinner I always forget (because I always overeat and spend the rest of the evening complaining about a full stomach!!!).

A very simple fish soup, perfect for mid week

A Simple Fish Soup

This soup is both very simple to make and cheap and perfect mid week, especially when you have a bit of cooked leftover fish in the fridge.

The perfect balance between noodles and soup

Coconut and Salmon Noodle Soup

This soup is the perfect one to make if you have a bit of leftover salmon in the freezer or fridge.

A lovely lobster bisque

Lobster Soup (Bisque)

I am not particularly fond of lobster or shrimp although I might eat it a couple of times a year. My husband however loves both.

A warming soup with a lovely ocean aroma

Mediterranean Seafood Soup

This soup is quite versatile as you can use various types of seafood. I particularly like mussels and salmon or haddock in it.

Not the easiest soup to make but very much worth the effort

Mussels and Coconut Noodle Soup

This is one of those recipes which has an endless ingredients list.

This is a cheap and flavourful soup. You can use tinned mussels instead of fresh

Mussels and Potato Soup

In Iceland lots of people pick fresh mussels from the coastline. There are several places you can do this and one very popular is in the South-western part of the island.

A delightful soup, perfect for mid week

Thai Noodle Soup with Shrimp

This soup is so good and it is fairly quick if you can get your hands on some decent Thai green curry paste. The ones that are sold in health food stores are usually quite nice.