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Bean sprouts contain an amazing amount of nutrients. When beans sprout, the vitamins, minerals and protein increase substantially and the calories and carbohydrate contents decrease.  Sprouting beans increases the digestive enzymes which facilitate the digestion process of your body. Bean sprouts are wonderful in salads as they provide a crisp texture, adding a certain freshness. They are also wonderful on salads, served with all kinds of food and even blended in smoothies or baked in bread. Bean sprouts are also perfect as a light snack. Mung beans are the most popular beans for sprouting although all kinds of beans can be sprouted. Other popular sprouts are aduki beans, chickpeas, soy beans, alfalfa and barley. Ensure that the beans you are using are new and organic. The more 'alive' the beans are (as opposed to old and non-organic beans) the better success you will have.

Bean sprouts are packed with enzymes

Aduki Bean Sprouts

There are some tools available that are supposed to make your sprouting easier, however I have had fantastic results with just a glass jar and water.

Sprouts are amazingly healthy, packed with enzymes

Chickpea Sprouts

I adore bean sprouts. They are so versatile and delicious. I often eat them as a snack, put them on my sandwich, in a salad or as a side dish with radishes, raisins and oranges.

Bean sprouts is what we should all be eating loads of! Amazingly healthy

Mung Bean Sprouts

I love bean sprouts. They are so healthy and versatile. I often eat them on their own like a snack or I use them in salads, on sandwiches and even in casseroles.