Tea Breads / Coffee Cakes

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One of the most popular cakes to serve with afternoon tea or coffee in Iceland is either spicy bread or banana bread. Every grandmother in Iceland (and probably many grandfathers as well) know how to make spicy bread and they each have their own unique touch. Some use oatmeal, some use only nutmeg and cinnamon and no cloves, some use cloves and cinnamon, some use buttermilk, some serve it with butter, some with cream cheese and so on. The lovely aroma that fills the kitchen when making the spicy bread is out of this world. It just stays forever and it makes you want to bottle it up in a jar. Tea breads / Coffee cakes are actually quite lovely even though they are unassuming. They never look fancy but are always surprisingly good. If you have over ripe bananas on hand you might want to give the banana bread a go, it's lovely.

A fantastic gluten free loaf

Almond Coconut Loaf with a Bilberry Base

I love fresh blueberries, especially the lovely bilberries found in the Icelandic highlands (and in some other parts of the world).

A truly refreshing and delightful teabread

Banana and Ginger Loaf

Bananas and Ginger sound like a strange combination yet they are a perfect match, trust me.

The perfect recipe for those old and battered bananas lying around!

Banana Loaf

Banana bread is the perfect recipe for those black and bruised bananas which you think that you need to chuck out.

Gulr├│tar- og bananabrau├░

Carrot and Banana Loaf

I love the combination of pecan nuts, carrots and bananas.

A lovely teabread, perfect for that Sunday brunch

Date Loaf

I often make this loaf as it is hassle free and easy to put together on a lazy Sunday when you are perhaps expecting visitors. The loaf is also very healthy since dates are packed with fibre.

The perfect bread for savoury and sweet toppings, depending on your mood!

Pumpkin and Walnut Loaf

This is the perfect bread for savoury or sweet toppings/fillings, depending on your mood! I sometimes team it up with hummus or cheese or, if I am in a sweet mood I use jam or peanut butter.

My healthy, spicy Christmas loaf!

Spicy Christmas Fruit Loaf

Although the loaf seems quite complicated to prepare it is actually fairly easy, especially if you are able to break the task down over a few days (chop the fruits on day one, prepare the batter on

A very simple loaf, perfect for a lazy Sunday morning

Spicy Loaf

This is a very simple bread, very popular in Iceland. I didn't like butter when I was a child (even refusing it on my toast) however this was about the only thing I would spread butter on.

Perfect in late autumn when pumpkins are in season!

Spicy Pumpkin Loaf

This loaf is perfect when the pumpkins start to appear in late autumn.