Unbaked / Raw

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Although I love cakes, unconditionally, I must confess that I love raw cakes the most. I love the fact that you can make them and eat them anywhere, anytime. I have served raw cakes on a glacier, in a snow hut, in a tent in the mountains and in the Icelandic wilderness, in the highlands where there was no electricity and the places were accessible only by super jeeps and horses. On each and every occasion I served the cakes, the happiness of the people eating the cakes, when least expecting was totally worth the effort. The memories will stay with me forever. The beauty of raw cakes is that you can mix all the ingredients at home and then combine them at your place of destination. On one of the horse trekking trips I did a few years ago we were located in the middle of absolute nowhere and I served one of my raw cakes (I was the assistant chef on the trip). One of the tourists (she had been horseback riding for 10 hours) was very confused as she asked "but where is the shop, where did you buy the cake?". She could not fathom the idea of making a cake where there wasn't even electricity.

Very rich treats and packed with iron, proteins and calcium

Middle Eastern Sesame Treats (Halvah)

There are several different varieties and even names for Halvahs, the healthy Middle Eastern treats.

Lovely little mini pies which are packed with protein, vitamins and healthy fats

Mini Fruit Pies with Carob and Cashew Frosting

I love bananas and cashews mixed together, it is such a creamy blend and I often use it as a frosting for cakes as well as in smoothies and ice creams.

A delicious and healthy cake, perfect for the birthday party

Nut and Chocolate Cake

This is one of my favourite cakes as it is very easy to make and is always a crowd pleaser. Which is why I almost always make this cake for my birthday or special occasions.

Very healthy mini pies, perfect as a filling dessert after a light meal

Pecan and Cashew Mini Pies

I love cashews and bananas whipped together. It becomes such a creamy and delicious blend, all I want to do is eat it and then some more!

This pie is always a crowd pleasure. It never fails to satisfy!

Pecan Pie with Chocolate and Cashew Filling

This pie is absolutely delicious. I have served it on million occasions and it never fails to satisfy, even the most difficult chocolate lovers.

Sweet and delicious treats

Pistachio and Coconut Treats

I have often seriously considered using a pad lock on my containers because when you make something so nice as these delicious treats, it's very, very hard to keep your fingers away.

Amazingly healthy cookies and raw as well

Walnut and Raisin Cookies / Treats

Walnuts are amazingly healthy and are sometimes called the "heart's seat belt" because of their heart protective qualities. They are also good for our brain.