Vegetable Patties / Nut Cutlets

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I once invited my dad (who was home alone) for dinner and served nut cutlets/patties. He said he loved them (and I believe him). I could however see, in his face that he was dreaming of a savoury lamb steak but was too polite to say anything. He is a man who was raised to eat fish for every day of the week and lamb on special occasions. He would be happy eating meat three times a day, every single day. My brother who was working with him at the time (as a carpenter) told me later that when asked by the burly builders what he had for dinner at his daughter's he said: "oh they were ermmm these tofu ermmm thingies, like tofu-patties or tofu something?'. The guys' horror was clearly visible on their faces and they felt sorry for my poor dad who had to endure such a terrible experience. "There was no meat at all?" they asked. "No, just tofu and probably beans". There was no tofu in the cutlets however and ever since I call this type of cutlets 'tofu-patties' and so does everyone in my family. Nut and bean cutlets/patties are something I love to make and eat because they are easy to throw together and you can freeze a whole bunch for later. They are also perfect in the lunchbox and are very filling.

I love these patties and often make a bunch of them to freeze and enjoy later

Chickpea Patties with Yoghurt Garlic Dressing

I usually make a whole lot of these patties and freeze. The patties are excellent when re-heated and can also be enjoyed cold as in a lunch box with a little yoghurt garlic dressing.

I often make a large batch of these patties and freeze for later use

Hazelnut and Vegetable Patties with Yoghurt Dressing

These patties are lovely, especially since they contain hazelnuts...and I love hazelnuts. You can however use cashew nuts instead or even almonds if you prefer.

So lovely nut patties

Nut and Vegetable Patties

These are quite wonderful patties you can use instead of hamburgers, as a filling in pitta breads or plain served with a salad, rice and a light dressing. I usually make a whole bunch and freeze.

I love these patties and often make a whole bunch of them to freeze

Tofu and Chickpea Patties

These are probably the patties I make most often. Maybe they would be called nut burgers elsewhere but I call them patties. They are very filling yet nutritious with a lovely, mild taste.

Mild and nice little nut loafs

Tomato Mini Nut Loafs

These are lovely little loafs/patties which are perfect on your Christmas table if you are a vegetarian. They also look quite festive if you team them with a nice, green salad.