Vegetable Pies

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Because I am from Iceland and it's often very cold I am always fond of everything warm i.e. heated and baked and pies are no exception. There is this cafe in Iceland that serves a famously delicious vegetable pie and me and my husband and my brother used to go every Monday lunch time and we used to share two slices (they are big slices). Although to be honest I never ate the crust, just the filling because I find crust made out of phyllo dough (mainly butter) revolting. Which is why I never use it myself. However if you don't like spelt based crusts or nut based crusts you can always use the phyllo dough.

One of my favourite pies, packed with protein and calcium

Vegetable Pie with Nut and Seeds Crust

This one is perfect if you are gluten intolerant but still want some pie. I love that you can make pies without using pastry (wheat, butter and all that).