A Simple Chocolate Cake

I don't eat "normal" cakes and haven't done so since I was 12 years old. For about 15 years I didn't taste anything sweet apart from fruits (imagine how crazy my friends found me). Then, when I was 25 years old, I was working part time with my studies in a children's clothes shop. My boss, a very nice lady invited the staff to her house for a Christmas get together. There she served a cake which she had bought from a local vegetarian restaurant (now my favourite) called Grænn kostur (Green Option). I was very sceptical but she listed the ingredients which included dried fruits, bananas, coconut and more. All good stuff. As I tasted my first mouthful that night I knew there was no turning back, I had found MY sort of cakes. The wonderful vegetarian restaurant is still running and I have made gazillion healthy cakes made with nuts, fried fruits, fresh fruits, coconuts and more. I fell in love that night...with healthy cakes! This cake is very similar to the one I had that night and I think that the original recipe came from Grænn kostur (although not sure).

This cake is egg free, lactose free, gluten free and vegan. I use dark, organic chocolate with raw cane sugar, however you can use carob if you prefer or milk chocolate.

Note that you need to toast the nuts before using them. You will also need a food processor to make the cake. You will also need a spring form cake tin 23 centimetres (9 inches) in diameter, 4 centimetres (1½ inches) deep.

A very simple cake and perfect on a Sunday morning

This recipe is:

  • Egg free
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose (dairy) free
  • Vegan

A Simple Chocolate Cake

Makes 1 cake


  • 250 grams (8½ oz) mixed nuts (hazelnuts, cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts or almonds), toasted
  • 100 grams (3½ oz) desiccated coconut, toasted on a frying pan
  • 3 rice cakes
  • 1 banana, very ripe
  • 2 tablespoons agave nectar
  • 200 grams (7 oz) organic dark chocolate (with raw cane sugar), melted
  • Fresh seasonal fruits and berries for decoration


  1. First of all, you should toast the nuts. To do this, place the 250 grams mixed nuts on a baking sheet and toast them in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius/400 degrees Fahrenheit/Gas Mark 6 for 5 minutes; it's important to use a timer since it is extremely easy to forget the nuts in the oven! Allow the nuts to cool and rub the skins off the hazelnuts (if you are using hazelnuts).
  2. Transfer the nuts to a food processor and mix for 15 seconds or until coarsely ground. Add the 3 rice cakes and blend for 5 seconds. Transfer to a large bowl.
  3. Heat a small frying pan and place the desiccated coconut on frying pan without any oil. Heat for 2-3 minutes on medium high heat. Add to the large bowl.
  4. Chop the banana and add to the bowl.
  5. Melt the 200 grams chocolate. Place a clean, dry metal or glass bowl that fits snugly over the top of a saucepan. Brake the chocolate into uniform pieces and transfer to the bowl. Fill the small saucepan with water. Heat the saucepan over low heat until it begins to simmer, then turn heat off. Let the chocolate begin to melt, and then stir it gently with a dry spoon. When almost all of the chocolate is melted, lift the bowl from the saucepan and place on the table. Stir continuously until it is shiny, smooth, and completely melted.
  6. Pour the chocolate into the large bowl, add the 2 tablespoons agave nectar. With a large wooden spoon combine everything.
  7. Line a spring form cake tin 23 centimetres (9 inches) in diameter, 4 centimetres (1½ inches) deep, with baking parchment. Press mixture firmly into the cake tin with your hands.
  8. Place the cake in the fridge and allow to cool for 30 minutes.
  9. Transfer the cake to a cake dish/plate and decorate with fresh, seasonal fruits or berries such as blueberries, strawberries, grapes, mangoes, pears, bananas and more.
  10. Serve with whipped soy cream (regular cream) or oat cream.


  1. You can also cut the cake into small squares to serve as small treats (you can omit the fresh fruit).
  2. You can use very ripe pears or mangoes instead of the banana if you prefer.
  3. You can use milk chocolate instead of the dark chocolate.
  4. You can use carob instead of the chocolate.