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There certainly is a mix and match of recipes on this page. I love the fish patties because they remind me of when I used to come home from the stables absolutely freezing. Fish patties were one of my favourite foods. I have made them lighter however as when I was younger my mother used to fry each one in butter. I never fry food in oil (to make it crisp) but I bake it instead. It gives a much healthier and lighter result but still very tasty. I might also point out the tuna salad and the shrimp salad, both very popular in Iceland. They are used on sandwiches, crackers, crisp breads and more. Healthy, yet very filling and excellent in your lunchbox. Check out the other recipes as well you are sure to find something of interest!

Baked salmon skin, absolutely delicious!

Baked Salmon Skin

Yes really, baked salmon skin!!! You might think that I have gone absolutely mad but bear with me here. I can promise you that once you taste this, you won't ever throw out salmon skin again.

A healthier version of the classic Icelandic fish patties

Fish Patties

I know that these should be named Fish Cakes rather than Patties...I just can not name anything with fish in it Cake-anything. I refuse to do it!

A traditional Icelandic shrimp salad

Shrimp Salad

This is a classic, Icelandic salad, served with bread, on crackers, as sandwich fillings and often when there is a gathering of people such as for birthdays.

Colourful and healthy

Thai Fish Patties with Sesame Dressing

These are absolutely delightful and perfect if you have any frozen left over salmon in your fridge. The recipe itself is easy to prepare since most of the ingredients go into a food processor.

A very popular and healthy salad, packed with protein and low in fat

Tuna Salad

When preparing my husband's lunch I am always trying to maintain a balance of complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.