Salad Dressings

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I would rather buy paint and drink it than buy salad dressing from the supermarket. There are some gorgeous salad dressings available from most health food stores but the dressings found in the salad dressing aisle in the supermarket (along with strange bacon bits not made of bacon and fried salad 'croutons') contains very little that could be considered healthy. Most salad dressings in Iceland (and the variety is incredible considering that we have only in recent years begun importing lettuce) contain around 70 grams of vein clogging fats and around one billion calories (or so). I have never understood how people can consume this stuff and since I make my own dressings I never will. My salad dressings are simple and quick to make, healthy and they taste fresh and nice. Why not try making your own dressing next time?

A lovely and simple dressing for every salad

Apple and Tamari Dressing

This is a lovely, fat free salad dressing which can also be served with nut patties, burgers, grilled vegetables and more.

A tasty and colourful salad packed with vitamins

Avocado and Cantaloupe Salad with Lemon Grass Dressing

I love this salad, especially in the summertime. Cantaloupes are packed with Beta Carotene (which are converted into vitamin A in our bodies) and vitamin C and are very good for our eyes.

A lighter mayonnaise without all the rubbish


Mayonnaise which you can buy from your local supermarket is usually absolutely packed with additives and bad stuff.

A low fat and healthy mustard sauce

Mustard Sauce

I use mustard sauce with everything, on my salad, my sandwich, on nut patties, with fish, with grilled vegetables, as a dip for raw name it.

A colourful and tasty salad with a healthy dressing

Salad with Tahini Dressing

I am a big salad fan. I love salads and could eat them every day.