Chicken Salads

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Chicken salads are the epitome of summer in my opinion. There is something incredibly light about chicken, yoghurt, fruits, nuts and vegetables. It's a magical combination. The look on my husband's face when he sees the salad bowl on the dinner table is priceless. He really lights up like a Christmas tree. Chicken salads are his absolute favourites. He normally refuses to order chicken salads at a restaurant or a cafe (says they always contain a disgusting sauce, I wouldn't know because I am a vegetarian) but he claims that he could eat my salads for the rest of his life, every day. Ah bless him.

Simple yet healthy chicken salad

Chicken and Grape Salad with a Lightly Spiced Dressing

This is a simple and healthy meal, perfect on a summer's evening or if you want to treat your dinner guests to a very light meal. I often serve it with homemade bread.

A light and refreshing chicken salad

Chicken Salad with A Curried Mango Dressing

This is a light salad perfect for the summer picnic at the park (at least if you don't live in Iceland where you are guaranteed that something will blow away from your setting and you will be freez

A light and healthy meal

Chicken Summer Salad

A very summery salad, perfect as a light and healthy meal on a warm summer evening. Although I am vegetarian my husband loves this salad and will sometimes ask me to make it for him.

One of my husband's favourite chicken salads

Curried Chicken and Grape Salad

This is a simple yet healthy meal, packed with protein and calcium and is also low in fat.