Cold Sauces / Dressings

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I never buy ready made sauces, for several reasons: a) most are as unhealthy as paint, b) they are expensive and c) they taste like plastic. It only takes a couple of minutes to combine the ingredients for a cold sauce or a dressing together and it is so worth the effort. The sauces keep for several days in the fridge and they go with absolutely everything, salads, barbecued foods, nut cutlets and burgers, inside wraps, as dipping sauces for raw vegetables. The best thing is, you can make the sauces fat free and very, very healthy.

An excellent barbecue sauce I first tasted in Kenya

Abdalla Hamisi's Barbecue Sauce

In 2006 we were on one of our trips to Kenya as tour guides and we stayed in private cottages run by friends, down by Diani beach, Mombasa.

A lovely and simple dressing for every salad

Apple and Tamari Dressing

This is a lovely, fat free salad dressing which can also be served with nut patties, burgers, grilled vegetables and more.

A lighter mayonnaise without all the rubbish


Mayonnaise which you can buy from your local supermarket is usually absolutely packed with additives and bad stuff.

A low fat and healthy mustard sauce

Mustard Sauce

I use mustard sauce with everything, on my salad, my sandwich, on nut patties, with fish, with grilled vegetables, as a dip for raw name it.

A colourful and tasty salad with a healthy dressing

Salad with Tahini Dressing

I am a big salad fan. I love salads and could eat them every day.

A really light and tasty side dish

Yoghurt Almond Salad with Bananas and Raisins

This salad is a perfect side dish for various dishes although it teams up especially well with spicy food as the yoghurt acts as a fire extinguisher in the mouth!