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If you haven't tried it already I absolutely recommend that you try the traditional Icelandic rice pudding. Especially if you live in a cold climate. If you live in a hot climate eat the pudding in an air conditioned room since otherwise you might melt. The rice puddings is one of my favourite childhood meals and every person in Iceland knows Grjónagrautur (rice pudding). It is the stuff for blizzards, hail and storms, there is absolutely nothing that warms you as quickly and as thoroughly as a bowl of this wonderful pudding (maybe a hot bath might....? Or a hot pudding bath perhaps?)

The simplest treat, but absolutely lovely and gluten free too!

Chocolate Rice Cakes

I often make these because they are perfect as a treat in my lunch box. They provide me with energy but are not filled with sugar since the only sugar is from the raw cane sugar of the chocolate.

Lovely to eat, a bit fiddly to make

Crêpes with Garlic Sauce, Shiitake Mushrooms and Spinach

One day I looked into my fridge and cupboards and the ingredients listed below are the same ones I had available that day.

A nightmare to prepare although the end result is well worth the effort

Crêpes with Pearl Barley, Mushrooms and Mustard Sauce

I love crêpes...the French pancakes originating from Brittany in France.

Amazingly versatile rice patties, perfect with cheese, jam or peanut butter

Rice Patties

This recipe was given to me by a friend of mine named Lisa Hjalt. She got the recipe from her friend named Sigga Runa.

The one meal that warms my body to the core

Traditional Icelandic Rice Pudding

Hands down, there is nothing that puts warmth in my body as fast as rice pudding. I absolutely adore it and could eat it every day during the winter.