Curry Nut Loaf

This is my favourite nut loaf. It is originally from a book called World Food Cafe in London. The cafe is amazing and so is the book, I definitely recommend both! I have made this nut loaf every Christmas for the past few years and I often serve it at dinner parties as well. It is fair to say that every single person that tastes it, falls in love with it, vegans, vegetarians or carnovires alike.

Note that you will need a food processor and a basic loaf tin (I prefer to use the ones made from silicon). You will also need to toast the nuts.

My favourite nut loaf. It is an absolute winner every time

This recipe is:

  • Egg free
  • Lactose (dairy) free
  • Nut free but includes seeds/oils from seeds
  • Vegan

Curry Nut Loaf

Serves 6


  • 140 grams (5 oz) mixed nuts (such as cashew nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts), toasted
  • 1 tablespoon linseed (or if you prefer use 1 free range egg instead)
  • 1 chilli pepper (green), chopped finely
  • 6 garlic cloves, chopped very finely
  • 2 onions, chopped very finely
  • Small piece fresh ginger (similar to a grape in size), chopped very finely
  • 25 grams (¾ oz) fresh coriander leaves, chopped finely
  • 2 carrots, grated
  • 1 small potato, grated
  • 300 grams (11 oz) cauliflower (before trimming), grated
  • 100 grams (3½ oz) spelt bread (or bread crumbs)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 2 teaspoons curry powder
  • 2 teaspoon tomato puree
  • ½ teaspoon salt (Himalaya or sea salt)


  1. First of all, you should toast the 140 grams mixed nuts. To do this, place the nuts on a baking sheet and toast them in 200 degrees Celsius/400 degrees Fahrenheit/Gas Mark 6 oven for 5 minutes; it's important to use a timer since it is extremely easy to forget the nuts in the oven! Allow the nuts to cool completely and transfer to a food processor. Blend for 7-10 seconds.
  2. If using 1 tablespoon linseed instead of the egg, place the linseed in 3 tablespoons water and allow to soak for 30 minutes. If you are using the egg, mix it lightly in a small bowl.
  3. Cut the chilli in halves, scoop out the seeds and membranes and chop finely. You might want to use plastic gloves if you have sensitive skin.
  4. Peel the 6 garlic cloves and 2 onions and chop very finely.
  5. Peel the small piece of ginger (the skin is very thin, you can scrape it off with a teaspoon or a small knife) and chop finely.
  6. Chop the 25 grams coriander finely.
  7. Place the 100 grams spelt bread (if not using bread crumbs) in the food processor and blend for 10 seconds.
  8. Peel or wash the potato and grate or use the shredding disk in a food processor.
  9. Trim the 300 grams cauliflower and grate or use the shredding disk in a food processor.
  10. Peel the carrots and grate or use the shredding disk in a food processor.
  11. Now heat 1 tablespoon coconut oil in a large frying pan (or saucepan).
  12. Heat the chopped onion for 5 minutes. Add a couple of tablespoons water to the frying pan if needed.
  13. Add the garlic, chilli, ginger, 2 teaspoons curry powder, 2 teaspoon tomato puree and ½ teaspoon salt. Heat for 3 minutes.
  14. Add potato, carrots and cauliflower to the pan and heat for 10 minutes.
  15. Transfer everything to a large bowl.
  16. Add nuts, bread crumbs, coriander leaves, the linseed and water (or egg) and stir thoroughly so that everything combines well.
  17. Lightly grease the silicon loaf tin.  
  18. Transfer everything into the loaf tin.
  19. Cover loosely with tin foil.
  20. Bake at 190 degrees Celsius/375 Fahrenheit/Gas Mark 5, for 60 minutes.
  21. Serve with a salad and brown rice.
  22. You can also serve with a yoghurt dressing (you can mix together 200 millilitres (7 fluid oz) yoghurt (or soy yoghurt), 1 clove garlic, ½ tablespoon parsley and a pinch of salt).


  • I always make up a large batch to freeze. The loaf will get even better in the freezer!
  • The loaf is excellent served cold so works well in your lunch box.
  • You can make patties instead of the nut loaf, just bake for approximately 30 minutes in the oven instead of 1 hour.
  • If the coconut oil is cold (in which case it becomes solid), place the jar in a bowl filled with hot water for a couple of minutes. 
  • If you don't have a silicon loaf tin, you can use regular loaf tin and line it with baking parchment.
  • You can use whole wheat bread instead of spelt bread.